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Timemore - Magic Cube Portafilter Stand

Timemore - Magic Cube Portafilter Stand

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The Timemore Magic Cube (Portafilter Stand)

The Timemore Magic Cube portafilter base is not only a useful tool, but also a great-looking accessory, especially when combined with the Timemore Black Mirror scale, although it works with any other scale, of course.
Use the Timemore Magic Cube base to measure the correct amount of coffee in the portafilter and then tamp the coffee in it with the tamper.

The design is minimalist and the quality is maximum. The heavy silicone not only provides protection to the "flask", but also prevents it from slipping off during weighing.

Why is it worth buying Timemore Magic cube?
The base is made of 304 stainless steel and silicone for stability when using
The upper and lower parts are removable for easy cleaning
Just place the flask in the silicone groove
The base is non-slip for stable whipping

Dimensions: 6.3cm x 5cm x 9.8cm
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