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Markibar Izaga Weight

Markibar Izaga Weight

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نحن نفضل عدم طحن حبوب القهوة حفاظا على أعلى معايير الجودة و يتم الطحن دون ادنى مسؤلية من قبلنا اذا كانت درجة الطحن لا تناسب اجهزة و أدوات العميل.


Get the perfect dose of coffee every time! The Markibar Izaga Weight offers Grind-by-Weight technology with instant scale-controlled dosing for precise, consistent coffee every time. Ensure maximum quality and save time with faster workflow than with traditional grinders.


The IZAGA W coffee grinder incorporates innovative technology which offers the advantages of weight-controlled dosing.

• Consistent and precise dosing
• Direct programming of desired grams
• Real accounting of coffee consumed in kg
• Empty hopper detection
• Optimal management of coffee quantities
• Minimal adjustment required

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