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Hoop Coffee Brewer Black

Hoop Coffee Brewer Black

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The Hoop Coffee Brewer simplifies the manual brewing process. Its unique two-piece design and Water Crown/Filter Tower system evenly introduce water to the coffee grounds, ensuring accurate and consistent extraction – backed by an award winning brew.


How to Brew with Hoop

  1. Place one or more filters in the base of the Water Crown.
  2. Screw together the Filter Tower and Water Crown. If using a paper filter, it should be pulled taut like a drum.
  3. Place Hoop on a cup or serving vessel and pre-wet the filter.
  4. Add ground coffee to the center of the filter tower, redistributing as necessary to ensure that the bed is evenly distributed.
  5. Pour your brew water into the water crown.
  6. Wait until all of the brew water has passed through the coffee.
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