Stockroom Coffee Roasters opened in 2017 and is located Shuwaikh Industrial Area. Since the beginning we have helped our clients take their coffee experience to the next level.

Our Roastery is equipped with the best in class coffee roasting and testing equipment. We pay a great attention to details and Follow the best practice in the industry for green beans storage within our facility.


We understand that coffee is subjective, and we don’t judge. With that said, each client has their own coffee supply that is unique and specifically tailored. To skip the jargon, we both can acknowledge that coffee is surely an important part of the day. Certainly, it is unique to come by a memorable cuppa joe. The thing that is even more exclusive is to maintain that high standard. Here at Stockroom, we go above and beyond, for us it is personal.


We at Stockroom are concentrated on supplying and encouraging businesses that aim to deliver quality coffee. We source, roast and deliver the highest quality of coffees and always seek the best. Our love for coffee stems from recognizing the social element that the coffee culture possesses.


Aside from our Enterprise Solution, we are a reseller to many respectful brands. We offer an extensive line of product for home brewers and professional baristas alike. We also do F&B project management. We might offer a range of quality products and services, but for us, treating customers as part of the family is how we value our services. We pride ourselves on developing close relations with our clients and placing people first. Together, we are set off on a voyage towards improving the coffee culture through connecting people and ensuring a lasting coffee impression.