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Etzinger - EtzMAX Plus

Etzinger - EtzMAX Plus

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Recommended as main ON-DEMAND-grinder  for smaller coffee-shops or restaurants with MEDIUM use (up to 4kg/day) or as additional "specialty" grinder for a busy cafe.

Features etzMAX-plus


  • Extended Rush Hour Feature: Efficient cooling system maintaining low temperatures even during rush-hour

Features m/plus

  • 3.8 - 5.5g / sec (Standard-Cone, when grinding for Espresso)
  • Burr life-span: 1500-2000kg (depending on roast&setting)
  • Solid panel with round red/black START-button made of Aluminum
  • Easy to adjust and clean (without tools)
  • Grind-by-Time or Weight: Intuitive weighing system (tares in less than 2 seconds, around 5.5sec - taring included - for grinding 18g)
  • Height: 52.5cm/21in (Hopper 1000g), 42.5cm/17in (Hopper 200g)
  • May be operated as Single Dosing Grinder (w/ Single Dose Device, LIGHT-cone recommended)
  • Minimum retention (0.8g)
  • Standard cone optimized for medium-dark roasts (higher speed)
  • Included: LIGHT-cone for an even wider variety of (light) roasts and more fineness (different geometry, reduced intake of beans, lower speed), also recommended when used as Single-Dosing grinder


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