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DiFluid - R2 Extract Refractometer

DiFluid - R2 Extract Refractometer

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An essential tool for roasters, cuppers, and baristas. The refractometer measures the concentration of dissolved solids in an extraction -- an important parameter for assessing the quality of coffee, as it is closely related to the coffee's strength and flavour profile. The DiFluid R2 Extract offers a precise reading in seconds and has a micro calibration mechanism that enables advanced temperature compensation.

High precision

If you’re aiming for perfection, the R2 Extract comes close. Its CMOS sensor offers results with a .02% precision and .0% accuracy in seconds. This refractometer also has a micro calibration layer for temperature compensation. To further stabilise the readings, the sample dish is made with aluminium which has better temperature conductivity.

Compact form

As far as handheld refractometers go, the DiFluid R2 Extract has the sleekest form. Capless and compact, it feels nice in the hands. Plus it has an ultra-clear HD screen to remove the struggle of reading the results. Di-Fluid Cafe App The DiFluid R2 Extract connects with the DiFluid Cafe app which allows you to upload and share your readings and recipes. The app also gives you a closer look at your results so you can study them to achieve the perfect cup.

DiFluid R2 Extract Refractometer Features

Microcalibration - Microclabiration layer for temperature compensation.

High precision - Results have a 02% precision and .0% accuracy/ Fast results - Produces a reading in seconds.

Easy to calibrate - Recalibrates with a push of a button. Water-resistant - IP67 water resistant.

More accurate temperature measurement - The aluminium sample dish has better temperature conductivity which allows more accurate measurement.

Compact, capless design - Sleek, one-button, clear display design.

HD display - The easy-to-read HD display shows all the readings (refractive index, temperature, concentration) and the tool’s status (battery level, connectivity)

DiFluid Cafe App - Connects with the DiFluid Cafe App so you can share results, data, and recipes.

Rechargeable - Non-removable 430mAh Li-Ion battery

This product includes:

1 x DiFluid R2 Extract Refractometer
Coffee Spoon
Protective Pouch
UBC-C Cable
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