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Ethiopia Amederaro Konga Supernatural - 250 Grams

Ethiopia Amederaro Konga Supernatural - 250 Grams

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نحن نفضل عدم طحن حبوب القهوة حفاظا على أعلى معايير الجودة و يتم الطحن دون ادنى مسؤلية من قبلنا اذا كانت درجة الطحن لا تناسب اجهزة و أدوات العميل.

During this supernatural process, the hand-selected cherries are carefully placed in thick layers on drying racks covered with plastic sheets. These sheets are then rolled up, creating an environment conducive to controlled fermentation with limited oxygen exposure. Following fermentation, the cherries are gently shade dried, allowing their flavors to develop naturally.

Each washing station refines this method, adjusting variables such as fermentation duration, cherry quantity, and drying conditions. This meticulous approach ensures consistency and prevents undesirable outcomes like over-fermentation or mold formation.

As the cherries reach an optimal moisture content of around 12.5%, they undergo a resting period before secondary processing. Throughout this journey, from harvest to export, the coffee retains its inherent flavors, showcasing a delightful combination of blackberry, grape, peach, and nuanced hints of various dry fruits.


Roast:  Omni Roast Filter / Espresso
Process: Supernatural
Variety: Ethiopia Heirloom
Region: Yirgacheffe
Altitude: 1,999 Masl
Taste Notes: Blackberry, Grape, Peach, Dry fruits

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