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Colombia El Embrujo Anaerobic - 250 grams

Colombia El Embrujo Anaerobic - 250 grams

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نحن نفضل عدم طحن حبوب القهوة حفاظا على أعلى معايير الجودة و يتم الطحن دون ادنى مسؤلية من قبلنا اذا كانت درجة الطحن لا تناسب اجهزة و أدوات العميل.

Named "embrujo" after the Spanish word for "spell," Ignacio Rodriguez is committed to the enchanting allure of exceptional specialty coffee. Transitioning towards specialty coffee production, he meticulously oversees every step. Skilled laborers handpick only the ripest cherries, which are then sorted at the on-farm center, ensuring top quality. After sorting, cherries undergo anaerobic fermentation for 100 hours, closely monitored for pH and Brix levels. Following fermentation, they are dried slowly for 140 hours in low-heat mechanical dryers, preserving their unique flavors. Finally, the beans are rested in Grainpro bags to enhance their taste profile, characterized by sweet tropical fruit, red grape, mango, and hibiscus tea notes.

Roast:  Filter
Process: Natural Anaerobic 
Variety: Castillo, Colombia
Region: Caldas, Anserma 
Altitude: 1,450 - 1,900 Masl
Taste Notes:  Sweet tropical fruit, red grape, Mango, Hibiscus tea

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