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Berry Nice Blend - 250 Grams

Berry Nice Blend - 250 Grams

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نحن نفضل عدم طحن حبوب القهوة حفاظا على أعلى معايير الجودة و يتم الطحن دون ادنى مسؤلية من قبلنا اذا كانت درجة الطحن لا تناسب اجهزة و أدوات العميل.

Introducing our Berry Nice Blend, a fusion of three Ethiopian coffee varieties processed in different ways and roasted to perfection. This blend offers a delightful mix of flavors: think mixed berries candy, floral aromas with hints of jasmine, and the sweetness of red apple. It's a harmonious symphony of taste that's sure to delight your senses with every sip.

Roast:  Omni roast
Process: Mixed ( Natural & Supernatural )
Origin: Ethiopia
Taste Notes: Mix berries Candy , Jasmine, Red apple

Brewing Recipe :

Espresso & Milk
Dose : 19 grams
Temperature : 92 Degrees Celsius
Yield : 38 grams
Brewing Time : 35 second 

Dose : 15 grams
Temperature : 93 Degrees Celsius
Yield : 215 grams
Brewing Time : 2 Minutes 

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