Ethiopia Faysel Yonis Special Fermentation - 250gm

12.500 KD

Ethiopia Faysel Yonis - Special Fermentation for Filter

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Familiar with our Indonesia Gayo, here is a chance to get an Ethiopian coffee processed the same way.

Roasting Date : 27/10/2021

Light Medium Roast: this roast style. Bolder filter coffee with taste notes of Green Apple, Apricot & Intense Sweetness finish.

Region: Sidama, Ethiopia

Grower : Faysel yonis | testi ayla washing station

Process: Special Fermentation

Variety: Kurume

Elevation: 1900 -2100 masl

Brewing Guide V60:

Dose: 18.5 Grams

Yield: 225 Grams

Time: 2:30 Seconds

Temp: 91

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